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40-minute, 3v3 Dawn of War 3 gameplay video is your best look at the game yet

For the Emperor!

Relic Entertainment has revealed its hand: here's an unedited, 40-minute 3v3 Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 3 match in its entirety.

In it we see Space Marines, Orks and Eldar fighting to destroy the Power Core in the opposition team's base. As I've reported before, Relic has taken inspiration from MOBAs in its design of real-time strategy game Dawn of War 3, and so teams have to first take down shield generators before taking down turrets before going for the enemy Power Core. I won't spoil who wins.

We also get a good look at how Elites (powerful hero units) impact the battlefield, the role of Doctrines and other mechanics such as the new cover point system and stealth. All this commentated by game director Philippe Boulle (who I've interviewed about Dawn of War 3 before) and game designer Carolina Mastretta.

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The video comes two days before the launch of the Dawn of War 3 open beta. Dawn of War 3 has split the series' community straight down the middle, with some praising Relic's decision to modernise the RTS gameplay with MOBA elements, others expressing concern at the direction it's taken. This video is your best look at the game yet, so you should be under no illusion as to what the final game has in store when it comes out on 27th April.

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