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3DR releases Duke screenshot

Sticks it on top of a job advert.

Still keeping an eye out for Duke Nukem Forever? Then step this way for what 3D Realms has confirmed is an in-game screenshot.

It's posted atop a job advert on the Gamasutra website (the page itself seeks a programmer), and features a muscle-bound Duke pointing a couple of guns at something. Company president George Broussard popped up late last week to confirm its legitimacy.

"Yes, that was me and that's an in-game, real-time shot of Duke standing in a random hallway. I just stuck it on a Gamasutra ad to make it stand out from the sea of company logos and maybe act as a small teaser," he said, wading into a massive thread on 3D Realms' forum.

"I'm glad some of you enjoyed it, and we'll show more later as we start to wake from our slumber and decide how best to show the game off," he added.