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30 days free SWTOR for level 50 characters


"As a thanks for being one of our most valued players", BioWare is rewarding all Star Wars: The Old Republic players who have level 50 characters with 30 days free game time.

It's a Star Wars summer party!

If you had a level 50 SWTOR character as of 5pm yesterday, you qualify. Other small print applies.

BioWare is also offering former SWTOR subscribers seven days free game. Again, some small print applies.

If you reactivate your former account before 21st April, BioWare will also throw in a Legacy Tauntaun Ram Pet. The same pet was granted to all active subscribers of SWTOR yesterday.

Note, additional SWTOR server maintenance takes place today from 12pm to 4pm BST.

Game Update 1.2 rolled out yesterday. It's the biggest patch the MMO has welcomed so far - "much larger" than Game Update 1. All aspects of it have been handily compiled on the SWTOR community site.

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