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29 years of BF1943 gameplay on Weds

Devs update players on stats and fixes.

In an unprecedented blow for relativity, EA and DICE report that there were some 29.45 years of gameplay completed on the Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 1943 last Wednesday, with five million kills recorded.

That's significant because the duo have a clever little gimmick going on where a fourth map, Coral Sea, is unlocked once each of the two groups of players, on PS3 and 360, reaches 43 million kills overall.

(Update: A quick glance at the official site reveals a more up-to-date counter - 27.5 million kills on 360 and nearly 15 million on PS3. Thanks Scott.)

The news comes in producer Gordon Van Dyke's ongoing forum commentary (thanks Kotaku) on the technical issues causing problems for some of its players.

According to posts late last week and over the weekend, server capacity has been increased dramatically while other fixes are also in place to iron out issues some are still having joining matches.

If you're holding off until everything's fixed, you might want to keep an eye on that thread, although it's worth noting that our Battlefield 1943 review is based in large part on the retail version, and the game still invaded our hearts and planted its flag.

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