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250,000 Spore creatures created in a day

249,999 are walking willies.

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It's only been out for a day but 250,000 beasties have already been birthed using the Spore Creature Creator, with community site sharing taking place at a rate of two creatures every second.

But some monsters have been banned because they are rude, and apparently violate the inappropriate content section in the Terms of Service.

Those making walking willies or booby beasts have reported emails from EA warning that accounts are being flagged and may be axed if it continues, according to GamesRadar.

All of which has probably given you ideas.

"The response to the Spore Creature Creator has been overwhelming," said Lucy Bradshaw, executive producer at Maxis.

"The creativity and passion that the community is putting into their creatures is spectacular. The development team has spent the last 24 hours checking out the amazing creations racing in from all corners of the globe - with peak volume hitting more than 1000 creatures being shared a minute."

The Spore Creature Creator was released on Tuesday and lets you get to grips with perhaps the most important part of the evolution-based game ahead of its 5th September release.

You can download a cut-down version for free, or the entire thing for GBP 5.

Look out for our in-depth look at the Creature Creator soon, as well as what Spore's Lucy Bradshaw had to say when we had a chat with her recently.

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