Thief (2014) - Happy Medium, Thieving Challenges, all rewards

We'll walk you all the way through the Happy Medium client job, and make sure you complete every single Thieving Challenge while you're at it.

In the second of Thief's bonus client jobs, you'll have to follow Lenny the Drunk as he makes his way back to his hideout, before tackling a handful of tricky takedowns. We'll show you how to complete the job quickly, and make it out alive with The Talking Skull.

You'll only be able to accept this mission once you've finished the second chapter of Thief, called Dust to Dust. Make sure you grab all the loot available in this mission, as you'll pick up a cool 175 G reward for bringing back every last bit of treasure. You won't pass the mission at all if you're detected, but you will get an extra 200 G for sneaking through without being noticed, so completing this side job is well worth the effort.

Find a Clue to the Skull's Whereabouts

To complete this initial objective, all you have to do is stay hidden away and listen in while Lenny has his conversation.

Open the Gate for Lenny the Drunk

Pick up all the of loot nearby, then leap over the vault and open up the gate for Lenny. Just keep guiding him through the streets to get your hands on the quest item you need.

Keep Lenny Moving to Reach His Hideout

Lenny takes some time to finish up his chat with the guards, so run around while he's nattering and pick up any loot in this area. Over to Lenny's right is a valve. As soon as the guard asks for a light, turn the wheel on this valve straight away. Once the guard's got his light, turn the valve back off again, and then keep quietly following Lenny along the path.

Eventually he'll start flirting with a lady in the street. Keep quietly moving in a westerly direction and take City Heritage Plaques (11/16) - South Quarter Sluices using your Wrench Tool.

"Make sure you grab all the loot available in this mission, as you'll pick up a cool 175 G reward for bringing back every last bit of treasure."

Now make your way towards the east, grabbing any loot you come across as you head forward. Just make sure you stay quiet as you approach the second valve. Turn the wheel to give Lenny's new friend a splashing, and then keep travelling down the road behind him.

Soon enough, Lenny will find his passage blocked by another gate. Get up there and pick the lock for him, which will automatically complete your current objective.

Steal the Skull

Watch out for when Lenny calls out to the other members of his gang. It's best to stay as far away as possible really, and stay very quiet as you follow Lenny inside. Once everyone's finished talking, Lenny will head over to have his drink.

Use stealth to take down the Eelbiter first, then repeat the process for Lenny himself. Steal everything from the floor you're on, and make sure you rummage through the chest to get your hands on Whiteridge's Duty (2/6) - The Constant Lady.

Now make your way down into the basement, but be ready to come up against an Eelbiter. We recommend firing a Broadhead Arrow into his leg to get started, then rush straight in and finish the job off to get one of your combat takedowns. Again, make sure you pick up every scrap of loot before making your way back upstairs to the main level of the hideout.

Head up the stairs and fire another Broadhead Arrow into the guard you come across, then go in and kill him using your Blackjack. Doing so completes the combat challenge, while also ensuring you pick up Remaining Undetected at the same time. Collect the Client Loot (4/8) - The Talking Skull, and grab any other loot lying around on this floor.

When you're absolutely sure you've picked up every last bit of loot, exit the building via the western window on the first floor. Make sure you stay in the shadows so you don't get spotted, and just backtrack all the way home. If you've followed our guide to the letter, you'll not only complete the client job, you'll also pick up all of the rewards from the Thieving Challenges.

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