Thief (2014) - Hand Tailored, Eelbiters, Automaton's Mechanical Hand, secret loot

Use our complete guide to grab every last bit of loot in the Hand Tailored client job, as well as those juicy challenge bonus rewards.

The first of Thief's client jobs is called Hand Tailored, and you'll have to contend with four vicious Eelbiters as well as the tailor himself. To get the most rewards from the mission, you'll also need to make your way through this challenge without being detected. We'll walk you through the whole process from start to finish, and make sure you snag the Thieving Challenge: Pick 5 Pockets while you're at it.

Steal the Automaton's Mechanical Hand

You must have finished up the Lockdown chapter of Thief before you can accept this side job from Ector. Once you've picked up the quest, eavesdrop on the conversation taking place between a resident of the city and an Eelbiter. After they've finished nattering, the civilian will approach you, but he won't give the game away so just ignore him.

You're going to have to deal with the Eelbiter guard though, so choose your approach carefully. You won't be penalised if you hurt these characters, but you must make sure you pick their pockets before you knock them out. That'll get you some bonus cash from the Thieving Challenges.

Be very wary of the broken glass that's on the floor as you make your approach towards the Eelbiter. Pinch both of the coin purses he's got once you're up close, then knock him to the floor. You don't need to worry about messing up the Moral Victory achievement or trophy by doing this - it only applies to your actions in the main story.

Once you've taken him out, make your way down the alley that's over to the right-hand side. There's a window over here that you can climb through before looting everything in the small room.

Avoid entering the shop from the rear entrance. Instead, look around on the ground for a poppy, and then climb on top of the crates that are by the door. Keep climbing up towards a small room, then turn out the lights. Wait around a while until an Eelbiter guard comes wandering along, then sneak up behind him, pick his pocket, and take him out.

"You won't be penalised if you hurt these characters, but you must make sure you pick their pockets before you knock them out."

If you'd rather sneak your way through this section instead, it's possible to wait for him to leave, and then hurriedly loot both rooms before heading into the vents - just make sure you're quick, as the guard will eventually come back. Before moving on, make sure you've grabbed The Court of Montonessi (3/12) - Guilt Has Black Wings from the wall, and Whiteridge's Duty (1/6) - The Statuesque Lady from the bedroom night-stand. You'll need to pick a lock to get at this latter item though.

Now make your way down into the basement where a single guard is patrolling. Once his back is turned, pickpocket him so you progress the Thieving Challenge, then take him out. If you want to be a little less aggressive, wait for him to move out of the way and then pick the safe's lock - tricky, but fun if you can pull it off. Just make sure you hide after picking the lock, rather than rummaging around inside straight away. Inside the safe you'll find Client Loot (2/8) - The Mechanical Hand. Go back to the floor above when you're done.

Escape Alfonso's Attire

As you make your way up the stairs and back onto the main floor, you'll notice the last Eelbiter beating up the tailor. Wait until the tailor hits the deck before sneaking up around the Eelbiter, picking his pocket, and then knocking him down. Now loot the room thoroughly, before making your way out through the front door and back to where you started. Job done!

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