Thief (2014) - Silence is Golden, Voice Box location, Thieving Challenges guide

Our complete guide to completing Thief's third special client job, getting every Thieving Challenge reward, and taking home lots of lovely loot.

You'll only be able to accept this client job when you've completed Dirty Secrets, the third chapter of this year's Thief. It's very important that you can pack as many Broadhead Arrows as you can for this gig - that way you'll find it much easier to pick up all of the bonus rewards in one sitting.

Steal the Automaton's Voice Box

Once again, you need to take a rather violent approach to this client job if you want to walk home with all of the bonus rewards, but those playing for the Moral Victory achievement need not worry. That challenge only applies to the content you play through in the main campaign. Anything goes in these side missions.

Right after starting the job, climb up until you're on the balcony, and listen to the conversation Perry's having with one of the guards. As soon as it's finished, Perry will make his way inside. Eventually, the guard will begin patrolling the area. When he does so, wait for him to stop and then drop him with one clean headshot from a Broadhead Arrow.

Don't move any further just yet, as there's a caged dog nearby that you need to silence with a Choke Arrow. If you're feeling a little meaner, destroy it using a Broadhead Arrow - you monster. If you look up, you should be able to see a crate that's hanging above the floor. Fire a Blunt Arrow at it to bring it crashing back down to earth - that'll contribute to your tally for the Environmental Exploit Thieving Challenge. It's important the dog's silenced first though, otherwise you'll fail Remain Undetected right at the first hurdle.

Get back down off the ledge, pick up any loot that's lying around, and then fall down into the basement. Switch your Focus on as soon as you land, and keep moving forward towards your objective, avoiding all of the traps down here.

"It's important the dog's silenced first, otherwise you'll fail Remain Undetected right at the first hurdle."

Head part of the way upstairs and you'll see a pair of guards having a conversation. As soon as one of them moves away, fire a Broadhead Arrow headshot at the guard leaning against the wall. Immediately turn out all the lights in the room by flicking the switch on the right-hand side of the wall, midway up the stairs. When the dead guard's friend returns, take him out with another Broadhead Arrow. Once he's done with, you'll complete the Headshot Three Threats Thieving Challenge, and bag a pretty easy 85 G for your minor efforts.

Getting inside Perry's residence

Go all the way up the stairs now and go into Perry's residence. He's fast asleep, so you won't have too much trouble taking him out. Either fire another Broadhead Arrow, or sneak up and take him down the good old-fashioned way. Make sure you hack the control box on the wall, then steal everything you can from this room - you'll find Whiteridge's Duty (3/6) - The Observant Lady inside a drawer. When you've finished pilfering everything you can, get back down to the basement.

Loot everything you can, here and in the rest of the house, making sure you take The Court of Montonessi (7/12) - The Grace Of Insecurity from the wall in particular. You'll also find the main job loot Client Loot (6/8) - The Voice Box in a wall safe. It goes without saying that you don't want to leave without this.

Escape the Pawnshop

As soon as you've picked up all of the loot, make your way back out of the building the way you came in, then head towards the starting area of the job to finish up Silence is Golden.

Need another Thief client job walkthrough? You can find the rest of our guide content from the first page of this article.

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