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Zelda-themed DS for sale

Slice of proceeds to charity.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

From the creative hands that bought us the Zelda-themed Wii, comes a new handheld creation paying homage to Link's legend.

It's a golden DS Lite that features a backlit diecast sword and shield crest, which rotates to match the orientation of the hardware. There's also a custom charge stand and two painted stylii included (silver and black).

Unfortunately only those of you living in the US will be able to buy the item from eBay, where the current bid stands at USD 610. Creator Morpheon Mods also promises to give 15 per cent of the proceeds to the Child's Play charity, as it did with the Wii mod.

Child's Play was set up in 2003 to donate toys and games to hospitals around the world. It asks for contributions from the world of gaming and has received millions of pounds worth of donations so far. You can find out more on the Child's Play website.

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