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Your first glimpse of the new Hitman movie in action

No, not the game.

20th Century Fox has shown off a first look at Agent 47, the new Hitman film set to be released next year.

The movie franchise has a new bald-headed face as its leading man - Rupert Friend (Peter Quinn from Homeland).

Zachary Quinto (Spock from the new Star Trek films) also has a starring role.

Stills from the film were shown off at San Diego Comic-Con (thanks, Polygon), along with a brief glimpse of footage.

There isn't expected to be any mention made of the previous Hitman film - the one which starred Timothy Olyphant and released to mixed reviews back in 2007.

This new incarnation of the franchise is due to be released in cinemas in February 2015. There's no word yet on when the next Hitman game will be released, but it apparently has a building larger than any location in Hitman Absolution.

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