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You can now reserve your World of Warcraft Classic character name

An elfing hand.

Do you remember your old World of Warcraft character name? I do. It was wyp. Do you see what I did there?

I only mention it because Blizzard has now opened World of Warcraft Classic name reservations. So, if you want maximum nostalgia - that is, you want to play the MMO classic with a character of the same name as your old character - you need to get stuck in ASAP.

To do this, you need an active subscription or game time on your World of Warcraft account. You can then create up to three characters per World of Warcraft account in advance of the game's launch on Monday, 26th August.

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Blizzard is also using its forum to help connect ex-guildmates together. I had to ask a friend what server we played on back in 2005 (an EU Alliance PvP realm called Shadowmoon!), and someone who was in my guild has posted on the forum, which kind of took my breath away.

Memories. Dangerous, fond memories.