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You can (kind of) play Guitar Hero in Warframe now

It's the mashup you didn't dare dream was possible.

Surprise! You can now play the guitar in Warframe.

Quietly introduced with the latest PC update this weekend, the instruments themselves, called Shawzin, aren't new to the game per se, but this is the first time the items have been fully playable.

As you might well expect, the Warframe community has welcomed the musical additions with open arms and already Shawzin serenades are already popping up on Reddit and social media, such as this version of Despacito, and this absurdly impressive rendition of Through The Fire And The Flames (thanks, Kotaku):

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That's not all, either. For those not so hot on their shredding improv, players can also record songs and share the pattern just like Guitar Hero. Yes, really. And yes, other players will be able to hear your sweet sweet sounds in-game, too... which is both good and/or bad news, depending upon your skill level, I guess?

There's no confirmation as yet as to when the instruments might make it over to the console versions, but we'll keep you posted. Until then, I'll leave you with this emotional cover of House of the Rising Sun:

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