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You can get a Samsung 870 EVO 4TB SSD for £122 right now

One of the fastest SATA SSDs with its largest capacity, for its lowest price.

NVMe SSDs have been hitting all-time low prices recently, offering excellent value for money and an easy way to upgrade your PCs performance.

SATA SSDs have also continued to get lower in price, and while not as fast as the NVMe counterparts, can still offer some excellent value if you're looking to add a big chunk of speedy storage to your system.

One example is the 4TB Samsung 870 EVO SATA SSD, which right now can be had for under £125 thanks to a discount at Amazon and a cashback offer from Samsung:

Samsung 870 EVO 4TB SATA SSD- £197.10 at Amazon UK (£122.12 after cashback)

Buy now

To redeem the £75 Samsung Cashback offer, first purchase the 870 EVO on Amazon. Once you've made the purchase, head over to the Samsung cashback page and choose 'Submit your claim'. Then put in the order invoice number, and select Amazon as the seller and you're done.

If you're in the US, you can still pick up the 4TB 870 EVO for $220, thanks to a 56 per cent discount on Amazon US. You can find the deal here.

The Samsung 870 EVO has sequential speeds of up to 560MB/s reads and up to 530MB/s writes, which are some of the best around for a SATA SSD. Pair that with the huge 4TB size and it's easy to see why Digital Foundry have it in their best SSDs for gaming guide.

This would be great for storing all those photos, videos, and documents you have on an old hard drive that you want to load quicker, and is still plenty fast to help with storing and loading games that you'd rather not uninstall. If you wanted some really good-value external storage for game consoles, you could combine the 870 EVO with a SATA to USB cable to help out there.

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