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You can get a Logitech headset for just £25 at Amazon right now

A greater than 60% discount.

Logitech makes some great headsets, with different options to fit whatever category you're looking for like wired and wireless or budget and high-end headsets.

The real gems can be found in the mid-range headsets, where you can get even better value when they go on sale. We've spotted that the very popular G335 wired headset has a massive 62 per cent discount on it right now, making it only £25:

Logitech G335 Wired Gaming Headset- £25 at Amazon (was £65)

Compatible with PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch.

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The G335 is a wired headset that uses a single 3.5mm jack to connect it to your device, and also comes with a splitter if you need to connect it via separate input and output ports on your PC. It uses Logitech's 40 mm neodymium drivers that deliver a crisp and clear sound, plus you get a volume roller on the ear cup and a good sounding flip-to-mute microphone.

The G335 is basically a wired version of the G733, also a good headset, that is smaller, lighter and features a suspension headband to help distribute weight and is adjustable for a customised fit. Pair that with soft memory foam earphone pads and you can easily wear these headphones for hours in comfort.

The G335 was already an easy headset to recommend when it dropped to around the £50 mark, so seeing it for only £25 is an amazing deal, and blows other headsets at that price point out of the water. Only the white version is at this price however, with the black and mint versions both on sale for £46.

If you're looking for some more discounts on Logitech gear like their mice, keyboards and other accessories, there's a sale at John Lewis for their My John Lewis members. I highlighted some of the best deals available in this article.

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