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Finally, you can add 2-Step Verification to your PlayStation account

Five years after the great PSN hack.

Better late than never, Sony has finally enabled 2-Step Verification for your PlayStation account.

This means you can now link a phone number and require entry of a code texted to your mobile when signing in. It's far more secure than a simple text password.

PlayStation accounts hold valuable data such as your payment and credit card details, as personal information such as billing addresses.

Sony is still remembered for the disastrous PlayStation hack of 2011, which exposed the data of 77 million users and sent the whole network offline for an extended period. It only took five more years for 2-Step Verification to be brought in.

The extra security option - if you choose to enable it - will come into play when logging in on console after signing out, and occasionally while using the your account on a PC or via the PlayStation app.

2-Step Verification still isn't needed if you are changing account details or when entering your password at Checkout when making a PS Store purchase. In both these cases, account passwords only are required.

We took a look back at the PSN hack on its five-year anniversary - to remember the largest security breach of its kind to ever hit console gamers, and an event with huge repercussions for PlayStation.

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