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Xbox unveils 'sustainable' Remix Special Edition wireless controller

One-third regrind and "reclaimed" plastics.

Microsoft's perpetually expanding line-up of wireless Xbox controllers continues to flourish with a new 'sustainable' variant released to coincide with this year's impending Earth Day.

The new Xbox Wireless Controller – Remix Special Edition, as it's known, takes some design inspiration from nature, sporting a two-tone green facade - apparently drawing on lichen found in the Pacific Northwest Forest - as well as earthy grips finished with a topographic pattern. It also incorporates a blue underside, presumably representing the sky, or the sea, or a blueberry.

As for the sustainability bit, one third of the controller is made from a mix of reclaimed materials (including plastic jugs and CDs) and regrind - regrind, in this instance, being a process that mechanically recycles leftover Xbox One controller parts into a raw material that can be used to partially create new controllers, Microsoft explains.

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Microsoft also notes the process results in controllers with "subtle variations" in terms of elements like markings and texturing, giving each one its "own look at feel".

The Xbox Wireless Controller – Remix Special Edition launches on 18th April, just ahead of Earth Day on 22nd April, and pre-orders are open now. It'll cost £74.99/$84.99 USD, with the price including a rechargeable battery and USB-C cable.

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