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Xbox-revealed hero shooter FragPunk deals alpha test this month to show card-based twist

See if it suits.

Zephyr, a female character from FragPunk with short hair pointing a pistol to the side on a bright red background
Image credit: Bad Guitar

FragPunk, the new hero shooter revealed at the Xbox Games Showcase earlier this week, will have a closed alpha test on Steam at the end of the month.

The five-versus-five free-to-play online shooter is vibrantly stylised with a card-based twist, where players include shard cards in their loadout to modify the rules of gameplay.

News of the alpha comes alongside an extended trailer you can watch below.

FragPunk World Premiere Extended Trailer - Join Closed Alpha NowWatch on YouTube

Developer Bad Guitar boasts FragPunk is "endlessly replayable" thanks to its selection of heroes, weapons and maps, but mainly its shard cards.

The alpha test will include 70 of the shard cards, which as per the trailer include flipping the world upside down, dragon's breath to power up weapons, adding an electrifying chain reaction to bullets, slicing projectiles as a blade master, sprouting long grass or strange plants, giving opponents a big head for easier kills, and more.

There will also be 10 playable heroes with unique abilities, four playable maps, and 15 weapons to wield in the alpha test.

The alpha test will run from 27th June until 1st July, with a focus on North America. Registration is open on the game's website and Steam.

FragPunk is set for full release in 2025 across Xbox Series X/S and PC, so this alpha test provides a very early look.

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