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Xbox Avatars get formal wear

Free clothing update brings tuxedos, hats.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Microsoft has update the Xbox 360 frontend with some free new clothes for Avatars. The theme is snappy formal wear. Major Nelson has the list and we've just checked, it's all in there.

Male avatars get an amazing powder-blue tuxedo, a black one, a pleated shirt with bow tie and cummerbund, and two hats - black trilby and bowler. The black trilby has been immediately equipped. The tweed one just wasn't quite sharp enough for our particular tastes - more Country File than Mad Men.

Ladies get a ball gown, a little black dress, a trouser suit, strappy high heels, platforms and some accessories - red 60s shades and an "elegant watch".

Some quite nice stuff there. Look for the gold stars in the avatar editor for items that are new since you last logged in.

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