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Xbox 360 wireless headset announced

New media remote control also incoming.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Microsoft has announced a new wireless headset for the Xbox 360.

Available worldwide from early November, it's compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device, such as a phone or PC, as well as your console.

The US price is $59.99 (around £36.50), though a European tag is yet to be confirmed.

In addition to the headset, Microsoft is also readying a new media remote for the 360. Controls include play/pause, skip forward, fast forward, skip back, fast back, and display to control DVD, CD or streamed media.

The TV controls include power on/off, volume up/down, mute and TV input. It also has A, B, X, Y buttons, D-pad navigation, back and select for easy menu navigation.

Like the headset, it will be available worldwide from early November, priced at your local equivalent of $19.99 (around £12).

Images of both gizmos below.

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