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XBLIG shoot 'em up pokes fun at new Xbox 360 dash

Game Type helps you locate indie marketplace.

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A bold indie developer has taken a cheeky pop at Microsoft's revamped Xbox 360 dashboard via a new XBLIG shoot 'em up called Game Type.

Developed by Mommy's Best Games (also responsible for Weapon of Choice, Serious Sam Double D and Shoot 1Up), the title pokes fun at how well hidden the Xbox Live Indie Games service is within the revamped dash.

It's a side-scrolling co-op shooter in which you assume control of "the iconic Hoodie Girl" as she battles "the evil MediaBall".

"I've been thrilled Microsoft created the special dashboard tile just for our game," read a tongue in cheek statement from lead designer Nathan Fouts posted on the game's official site.

"It's such a terrible name which I created as a placeholder while starting the project.

"With the incongruous stock photo of a woman in a hoodie doing a jump-kick, and the forgettable 'Game Type' title, it's good to know Microsoft was advertising our poorly-named game, and not trying to label the console's entire digital game storefront. Otherwise, it'd be a horrible match that would simply make no sense and generally lead fewer gamers to find the store and browse on their own terms."

It's out now priced at 80 Points. Check out the trailer below for a closer look.

The new Xbox 360 dash launched earlier this month, with many indie developers complaining that the changes made the XBLIG channel more difficult to locate than ever.

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