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Wreck-It Ralph tie-in coming to 3DS, DS, Wii

Activision snags rights to forthcoming Disney gaming toon.

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Forthcoming Disney animated flick Wreck-It Ralph gets a video game tie-in later this year, publisher Activision has announced.

It's a side-scrolling platformer for 3DS, DS and Wii due out this Autumn alongside the movie. The Wii version has two-player co-op, but you'll be playing alone on handhelds.

Designed as a "story extension", it apparently picks up where the film leaves off, with Ralph teaming up with Fix-It Felix to save their pixelated chums from a Cy-Bug invasion.

Activision isn't saying who the developer is, and there's not a sniff of a screen or trailer as of yet.

As previously reported, the film upon which it is based sees the villain of a popular arcade game attempt to prove he can be a hero. Expect cameos from various popular gaming bad guys, including Bowser, Zangief and Eggman.

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