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WOW's Arena Season 4 dated

Fight for new armour bits.

Via a post on the official World of Warcraft forums, Blizzard has revealed that the fourth season of player-versus-player Arena combat will begin on June 24th.

The season will introduce new Brutal Gladiator armour sets as rewards, while Season 2 reward items will be made available for general purchase with honour points. Season 3 end-of-season prizes and titles will be doled out, and all team and personal ratings will be reset.

Meanwhile, the 2008 Arena Tournament - an e-sports tournament played on special servers for cash prizes - continues. Registration for the second qualification round is currently open at the official WOW website; the first round concluded at the end of May, and the winners were announced last week.

We're rooting for "sapped cows cant say moo".