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WOW's 2009 Arena tournament confirmed

Online gladiators compete for USD 200k.

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Blizzard has confirmed that its official World of Warcraft Arena tournament will go into a second year. Registration starts on February 17th.

As last year, the tournament will begin with an online qualifier played on special tournament servers with premade level 80 characters. Top teams will then proceed to regional finals and a global world championship - which last year took place at BlizzCon in October.

Prize money will total over USD 200,000, and participants also stand a chance to win some in-game rewards for their live characters - an exclusive armoured Murloc pet, and the title of Vanquisher.

Registration costs EUR 15 / GBP 12 per account, for which you get to create three characters. Details of eligible countries will be published next week when registration opens; for now, you can read more at the official WOW site.

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