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Would you spend hundreds on a figurine?

Zelda, Silent Hill statues cost arm and leg.

How much are you willing to spend on a game-related figurine?

What about £190? That's how much a spooky Silent Hill statue of main bad-guy-thing Pyramid Head is selling for. Yes, the cone-headed, sack-wearing, scarred and bloodied body of Pyramid Head has been painstakingly recreated - so much so that even his back-of-neck flab bulges grotesquely beneath his hat.

You can buy Pyramid Head from Konami Style (via Joystiq).

What about £211 or £224? That's how much First 4 Figures wants for each of its new Zelda: Twilight Princess-inspired Wolf Link and Midina statues. They're 15 inches tall - one quarter scale - and are cast in poly-stone with a hand painted finish. They're beautiful.

The Wolf Link and Midinia statues will be available to buy in Q2 2011 from the First 4 Figures website.

Let us know what other expensive, game-related figurines you've seen below!