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World of Final Fantasy is getting a demo next week

Opening cinematic revealed.

World of Final Fantasy, the chibi Final Fantasy spin-off, is getting a playable demo on 17th October, ahead of its 28th October launch on PS4 and Vita.

Square Enix also unveiled the game's opening cinematic, which looks like this:

Cover image for YouTube videoWorld of Final Fantasy – Animated opening cinematic

World of Final Fantasy follows the exploits of twins Lann and Reynn as they uncover their lost memoies. Along the way they'll meet up with other famous Final Fantasy characters like Cloud, Lightning and Squall, and do battle with various familiar FF foes.

Completing the demo will unlock Magitek Armor P in the full game.

Pre-ordering the game's Day One Edition will grant access to the Japanese voice-over option, an exclusive Sephiroth Summon, a white Chocobo, Glow Moogle, and red tonberry.