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World of Final Fantasy comes out in October

Moogle Earth.

The flood of Final Fantasy games shows no sign of slowing: Square Enix has announced a 28th October 2016 release date for World of Final Fantasy.

This isn't a Final Fantasy take on World of Warcraft. No, World of Final Fantasy is a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita chibi version of the famous Japanese role-playing series that's aimed at younger players (I'm sure Eurogamer's resident Final Fantasy nerds Martin Robinson and Aoife Lockhart will be all over it).

You lead a pair of twins, Reynn and Lann, who try to rediscover their lost memories. They collect, raise and battle with familiar Final Fantasy beings, including cactuar, chocobo and behemoth. The trailer, below, shows off the game.

You'll also notice loads of familiar Final Fantasy faces: we spotted Cloud, Tidus, Squall, Lightning, Shelke (from Dirge of Cerberus), Vivi, Quistis and Yuna.

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World of Final Fantasy

PS4, PlayStation Vita, PC

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