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World of Darkness still being developed by CCP

60 full-time staff working on White Wolf world.

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World of Darkness, the MMO from the makers of Eve Online and the upcoming Dust 514, is still in development.

Speaking to Eurogamer at this year's CCP Fanfest in Reykjavik, chief marketing officer David Reid confirmed that World of Darkness has a team of 60 staff working full-time on the title at the developer's Atlanta office.

The future of World of Darkness was cast into doubt as a result of the re-organisation that took place following CCP's troublesome launch of 2011's Incarna expansion. Until now, Eve Online and upcoming PS3-exclusive shooter Dust 514 had been publicly declared as the priority for the developer.

"We are still in pre-production," Reid explained.

"We have to wait for the keynote tonight to articulate when we think we'll be out of pre-production. There's a tremendous amount of work going on there. It is 60 people in Atlanta, all the disciplines you'd expect to see represented there."

On the avatar technology developed for the poorly-received Incarna expansion, Reid explained that there was still a future for the non-space portion of their flagship game.

"We don't have any timeframe for it yet but absolutely - the vision was right, it was just a little too much too soon so we aren't passing on that at all. But right now, the state of the community was very much for Crucible [last winter's Eve expansion] and for the upcoming Inferno expansion. Get back to the core and focus on pushing forward the flying-in space-mechanics - the giant space combat, things like that.

"Dust is the beginning of, in some sense, right, avatar-based gameplay. Avatar-based gameplay is absolutely in our future and it's not far away."

We'll have more on Dust 514 following today's keynote presentation which takes place at 5pm UK time.

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