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Wonderfully ridiculous What the Golf swings onto Switch next week

Adds new two-player party mode.

Developer Triband's acclaimed, and almost entirely ridiculous, golfing oddity What the Golf is heading to Switch next Thursday, 21st May.

What the Golf, for the benefit of those poor souls yet to feel its joys upon them, initially launched on PC and iOS (as an Apple Arcade offering) late last year. What starts out as a briefly ordinary golfing affair rapidly spirals out of control, mutating into a faintly WarioWare-esque mini-game compilation, in which the basic rules of the sport are re-jigged and re-written each time.

Sometimes your ball might be an office chair, requiring a good hard punt up a ramp to reach the hole; other times, it might develop adhesive tendrils requiring you to swing it gracefully toward your goal. Some challenges go all horde mode, asking you to defend a fixed point with frantic ball thwacks, and still others see you navigating space bovines in zero-gravity.

Cover image for YouTube videoWHAT THE GOLF? Release Date Announcement - Nintendo Switch™ + 2-player mode

That's just a tiny sample though; it's a relentlessly inventive, consistently hilarious distraction for those looking to add a bit of welcome levity to their lives, and its challenges within challenges mean there's ample scope to retrace your steps in an already decently lengthy game.

Eurogamer liked What the Golf enough to name it one of our Games of the Year in 2019. "It's good, clean fun, kids, full of guffawing stupidity and placative niceness," wrote Chris Tapsell, "It is, in what feels like such a rarity, actually a funny game".

What the Golf comes to Switch eShop next Thursday, 21st May, with a £17.99 price tag, but there's 25% off until the 28th, putting it at £13.49. And for that, you'll get the wonderfully entertaining original, with a brand-new two-player, couch-based party mode squeezed in.