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Brilliantly silly What the Golf just got a bunch of free new levels on Apple Arcade

"Might" come to other platforms later.

Developer Triband's acclaimed, and brilliantly daft, golfing oddity What the Golf has just been updated with 30 free new levels on Apple Arcade.

What the Golf, if you're unfamiliar, delivers a parade of entirely ridiculously - and ridiculously amusing - WarioWare-esque mini-games, all loosely themed around the notion of hitting things with club, in which the basic rules are re-jigged and re-written with each new level.

In one stage, you might be required to defend a fixed point with frantic ball thwacks, while another might switch your ball out for an office chair, insisting you smack if valiantly over a ramp. It gets increasing bizarre from there though, and Eurogamer loved the ceaselessly surprising end result enough to proclaim What the Golf one of our favourite games of 2019.

Cover image for YouTube videoSPORTY SPORTS! - new content for WHAT THE GOLF? on Apple Arcade

What the Golf's new Sporty Sports update introduces 30 new stages - promising the opportunity to golf a runner, some arrows, and even an golfer in a shark costume - and features a range of other additions and enhancements, as detailed on its App Store page.

For the time being, What the Golf's Sporty Sports update remains exclusive to Apple Arcade, but Triband says it "might" make its way to other platforms in the future.