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Will Wright crafting ambitious TV series

StoryMaker Engine built for audience use.

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The Sims and SimCity mastermind Will Wright is hard at work on a new project, but this time he's not making a videogame.

Instead, the man with a cheeky boyish smirk is making a television series with lofty audience participation goals. IGN reports that it will be called The Creation Project.

Wright will enable quick and simple audience storyboard submission through an online/mobile StoryMaker Engine. The ideas will be then be whittled down by viewers as they vote for their favourite.

Wright hinted that the series may air before the end of the year, and that the online StoryMaker Engine could appear before that.

Wright will team up with former Nikelodeon and Spike TV president Albie Hecht to realise The Creation Project.

The last we heard of Will Wright was when he left EA to run Stupid Fun Club - a think tank focused on dreaming-up new IP.

His former employer is the principal shareholder and equity investor in Stupid Fun Club, and as such reserves the right to first dibs on the ideas that tumble from Wright's acclaimed brain.

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