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Will Leeroy Jenkins be in the Warcraft movie?

Screenwriter reveals famous meme was in his original draft.

Raid-ruining meme legend Leeroy Jenkins could appear in the upcoming Warcraft movie, screenwriter Gary Whitta has revealed.

Whitta, who worked as a UK games journalist before penning scripts for movies such as Book of Eli and After Earth, wrote the first draft of the Warcraft screenplay and has revealed on Twitter that he included a reference to Jenkins.

"Leeroy Jenkins was actually in my original draft of the Warcraft movie," he tweeted alongside an image of the relevant script page. "And yes, he ran into battle too early."

Audience participation not required.

The film has since passed through the hands of other writers so we'll have to wait until 6th June 2016 to see if Jenkins still makes its way into the final cut of the film, which is being directed by Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code).