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Wild Arms for PSP

Another strategical RPG.

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XSEED has picked up the US publishing rights to Wild Arms XF on PSP, and hopes to release it there next spring.

Pronounced "crossfire", it will be the first time the RPG series has appeared on handheld, bringing with it a fresh cast and snazzy new story.

The world of Filgaia is stuck in an endless cycle of war for its limited resources, you see, and even the kingdom of Elesius with its poorly king has been dragged into the fracas. Soon you, as Clarissa Arwin, will find your hunt for the murderer of your mother intertwined with the fate of Filgaia, and take it upon yourself to go and save the day. Nice people do things like that.

Fighting is done in a familiar turn-based style and there will be over 20 job classes to customise your characters with, as well as crafting from rare materials to create better bits and pieces for your team.

All in all there will be around 60 stages to strategically work through, and in-game cut-scenes to keep you stuck to your screen.

Unfortunately there is no word on its European plans just yet, but we will keep you posted as more becomes available.

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