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"Wii the best console for platformers"

Says creator of Wii platformer.

The Wii is the best console for platform games because it's got a more casual and nostalgic audience, the creator of Wii-exclusive platformer Flip's Twisted World has said.

Flip's Twisted World, due out in September, finds itself on the Wii because the console's motion controls fit the game, developer Frozen North's CEO Julian Spillane told Destructoid.

"The gesture controls drove the decision," he explained.

"To be able to hold the world in the palm of your hand and turn it on end with a flick of the wrist - that was an experience we really wanted to create.

"We also felt that the Wii was gearing up to become the best console for platformers based on the more casual and nostalgic audience."

Flip's Twisted World is a perspective-altering platform-puzzle game that follows the eponymous hero as he is sucked into and imprisoned in a crazy cube world.

Players will need to twist the world using the Wiimote so Flip can navigate his way around, turning walls into ceilings and so on and so forth.

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