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Wii Play tops 2008 multiformat US chart

Trumps Madden, GTA and Call of Duty.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Even by counting newly-released PC numbers and combining multiformat sales, Wii Play remains the best selling US game of 2008. But not by much.

Wii Play, which comes bundled with a Wiimote, sold 5.28 million units last year and easily topped the platform-specific chart.

But combined, Madden NFL '09 made up serious ground, falling just short with 5.25 million sales, according to MTV Multiplayer. That NPD figure, however, was calculated from performances of 11 SKUs; XX Years Collector's Editions and Spanish Editions pushing the tally up.

That might explain why favourite Grand Theft Auto IV was ever so slightly off the pace with 5.22 million sales.

Mario Kart Wii comes next with 5 million sales, followed by the increasingly popular Call of Duty series and fifth instalment World at War, which posted 4.63 million sales.

Nintendo should be rather pleased.

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