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Why LA Noire PC edition is late

Dev not started until console DLC done.

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Development on the PC L.A. Noire: Complete Edition did not start until all work on the game's console brothers was complete, Rockstar has said.

That includes all of Team Bondi's work on the vast array of post-release DLC missions, Rockstar exec Jeronimo Barrera told IGN.

"We're big fans of PC games and love getting our games into PC gamers' hands as quickly as possible," Barrera explained. "In the case of L.A. Noire, we did not have the time to begin PC development until we were able to wrap up work on the console version of the game, and all of its DLC.

"It's also important not to rush our PC development so we can deliver a high-calibre experience that not only takes advantage of the platform's benefits, but is also worth the wait."

Shortly after completing L.A. Noire, controversial developer Team Bondi closed its doors. Work on the PC version was undertaken by UK outfit Rockstar Leeds.

L.A. Noire: Complete Edition is due out in the UK on 11th November. All existing DLC cases and other content are included in the box.

Players can fiddle with the game's resolution, frame-rate, anti-aliasing (up to 6X), anisotropic filtering (up to 4X) and SSAO, plus set user interface scaling, shadows, textures, lighting and overall level of detail.

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