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Black Friday day three: Which Nintendo Switch bundles are still available?

Save a bundle on a new handheld.

We’re now into day three of the Black Friday sales, and while a fair few Nintendo Switch bundles have been snapped up, there’s still some deals to be had across Nintendo’s line of handhelds.

We’ve been out in force this morning trawling for bundles that are still in stock, and we’ve found a selection that’ll save you a few bob along with a first party title or two that you can still pick up now.

Nintendo Switch OLED bundles

Much like the Zelda Game & Watch deal we found, the same discount code also lets you claim £5 off any of Currys’ Switch OLED bundles. For it to work, you have to set the delivery method to collection and enter the code ‘FNDDGAMING’ when you check out.

Game has an offer on a bundle with the latest Pokémon games as well, and while it works out £5 more expensive than Currys if you factor in the gift card, it may be an option for you if you’re looking to trade some stuff in against a new console.

Nintendo Switch Bundles

If the fancy new screen on the OLED is less of a selling point, you can get a bit more bang for your buck with a bundle on the original Nintendo Switch. These two deals come with a choice of some evergreen titles chucked in, and the latter bundle means you’re effectively paying £25 for Breath of the Wild – you’ll be hard pressed to find it this cheap otherwise.

Nintendo Switch Lite Bundles

Animal Crossing and Switch Lite bundle

Most of Amazon’s stock looks to have been decimated by the weekend’s sales, but they still have a couple of bundles in stock for the Lite, if the pastel colours and smaller form factor is what you’re after. These aren’t huge savings, bear in mind, but if you can save a few quid if you were going to pick up either Mario Kart or Animal Crossing anyway.

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