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What next from the man behind Minecraft?

Notch has three concepts ready to go.

Minecraft creator Markus 'Notch' Persson has three new game concepts in the pipeline for when development on his indie phenomenon finally draws to a close.

First up, Notch told Rock Paper Shotgun how he'd love to work on an Elite-esque space trading sim.

"I'm really annoyed with how there are no space trading simulators at the moment. And the ones there have been always kind of miss the point. They're fun, but even Elite 2 which was a great game, wasn't really what I wanted," he explained.

"I really want to make that, but that's going to be lots of work, and be extremely nerdy, and probably won't sell very well. But hopefully I can convince other people here that they want to do it."

Failing that, the burly Swede added that he fancies invading Will Wright territory.

"I have this weird town simulation thing, which is basically a single character Sims. You're just one character in the town, just living. It wouldn't be a super-realistic city simulator. It would be my take on what real life is."

The third idea he has kicking around is a fantasy take on the football manager genre.

"Er... yeah. I shouldn't probably say this because people might steal it, but what the hell. It's like a football manager, but it's for fantasy heroes. If you have a troll and a goblin in the same team, the troll might eat the goblin. Stuff like that."

Notch didn't offer any further clues as to which concept he might settle on, and you've got a bit of a wait in store until you find out. His Mojang studio will be hard at work on Minecraft until the end of 2011, and recently announced card-battling game Scrolls.

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