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Minecraft dev's new game is Scrolls

A fantasy, card-battling game.

The new game by Minecraft maker Mojang has been announced - it's called Scrolls.

It's a card-battling (scroll-battling in this case) affair based in a fantasy world. There's no explicit mention of an MMO, but we assume that's where it's headed.

"The game we envisioned had elements from the collectible card game genre as well as from traditional board games," co-creator Jakob Porser wrote on the Scrolls website.

"It would be a strategic game with a strong foundation in tactical game play but with a touch of random and chance guaranteeing a never ending stream of curve balls.

"You would control the outcome of battle by creating, modifying and refining your arsenal to overcome the obstacles in your path. The game would challenge you with ever changing content and let you explore the world and cleanse the lands of harm, one monster at the time.

"It would give you the opportunity to test yourself with your peers by battling other players using a long list of tournament templates ranging from friendly matches to ranked league matches," he added. "From quick, small sized tournaments to world championships!"

Mentioned are summoned allies, siege weaponry and magic spells. And it'll be interesting to see what of Minecraft's customisation and graphical style carries across.

Minecraft, an MMO that's still in beta, has been an unprecedented success for creator Markus "Notch" Persson and Mojang. That's why Eurogamer banged on about it as one of the games of 2010.


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