Mojang cuts price of Scrolls ahead of tablet launch

Mojang cuts price of Scrolls ahead of tablet launch

"As you probably already know, games are cheap on those things."

Mojang has cut the price of card game Scrolls ahead of its launch on tablets.

The Swedish developer - recently bought by Microsoft for $2.5bn - thought that the $21 Scrolls wouldn't do well on platforms popular for their dirt cheap games. And in an effort to preserve cross-platform play with the PC and Mac versions, it came up with the idea of shaving $5 off the price.

"Our current price of $21 isn't feasible for tablets," Mojang said in an update on the Scrolls website.

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Scrolls: from building blocks to building decks

Mojang's follow-up to Minecraft is a very different beast.

It would be thematically neat and tidy to suggest that, if Mojang's first game is all about the joys of creativity, its second is more concerned with the dark charms of destruction. That might not be entirely true, however. As anyone who's ever built a tower of TNT blocks in Minecraft will tell you, Notch's runaway indie hit is entirely comfortable with the ancient art of blowing things to pieces. Equally, while Scrolls is a smart combination of card battler and board game where the emphasis lies with taking out your enemy's units and ultimately destroying the idols they're protecting, throw in a deck building component, and you've got plenty of more constructive delights to lose yourself within.

Bethesda comments on Scrolls row

"Nobody here enjoys being forced into this."

Bethesda has publicly discussed its legal row with Minecraft creator Marcus 'Notch' Persson over the Scrolls trademark for the first time.

Notch's solicitor lays out Bethesda defense

Gamers can distinguish Scrolls from TES.

Gamers are sophisticated enough to be able to easily distinguish between Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls series and Mojang's forthcoming Scrolls game, so say the solicitors representing Markus 'Notch' Persson's studio.

Notch: Bethesda Scrolls claim is "bogus"

"I will fight this for as long as it takes."

Minecraft creator Marcus 'Notch' Persson has pledged to go the distance with Bethesda over the Elder Scrolls publisher's legal claim that Mojang's forthcoming Scrolls game infringes its copyright.