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Mojang's CCG Scrolls is coming to tablets

Also adding a demo, new "snappier" tutorial and more "oomph".

Mojang's card combat game Scrolls is coming to iPads and other tablets, the developer has announced.

"An iPad/tablet version of Scrolls is in the works," confirmed Mojang's Owen Hill on the studio's official blog. Hill noted that this mobile port will be handled by Ittle Dew developer Ludosity.

Mojang also announced that it's working on a demo version of Scrolls for its PC and Mac open beta, which was released last June.

It's also adding a new ranking system. "Jeb [Jens Bergensten, Minecraft lead after Notch] has been helping develop ways to reward both hyper-competitive and lower ranked scrolldiers for their dedication," Hill explained. "The plan is to integrate some kind of weekly reward system."

To further make Scrolls accessible, Mojang is planning to replace its current tutorial with "two snappier ones that'll teach basic mechanics within a few minutes play."

Outside of that, the team is working on crushing bugs and adding more sensory feedback to the game. "Powerful attacks should have more oomph, and enchantments should be more visually striking," Hill said. "Similarly, Aron [Nieminen] has been working on improving Scrolls' sound systems. This means we can add new audio effects to units, spells and enchantments."

No release window for the mobile port of Scrolls has been announced.

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