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Poll: What do you want to see from the next Zelda game?

BOTW 3.0 or back to traditional?

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It's here, everyone stay calm. One of the biggest events of the year. No, not Eurovision, silly! It's the release day of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom!

First of all, happy Zelda day to those who celebrate. Congratulations to those of you who've already managed to play it, commiserations to those of you who pre-ordered physical copies and are waiting for your delivery.

We're doubtless all playing TOTK (I'm definitely not sneakily making my way through the Great Sky Island as I write...) and now that everyone's experiencing the game and forming their own opinions on it, I think we can finally ask the big question. What do you want to see from the next Zelda game?

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TOTK is very much Breath of the Wild 2.0, a sentiment Edwin agreed with in his review. In his conclusion, Edwin expressed his hopes for a clean slate in whatever is next for the series. In doubling down on the formula which made BOTW so popular, TOTK strays further from the traditional style of Zelda games. That's not a bad thing, far from it! It makes for a good game, proven by the success of BOTW and our score of four stars out of five for TOTK.

But do you want the next Zelda game to continue with this open-world, sandbox approach? Or do you miss the older style of Zelda?

By my count, the last time we had dungeons or classic items like the Hookshot and Power Glove in a Zelda game was 10 years ago, in A Link Between Worlds (Triforce Heroes who?), and whilst I do enjoy the freedom to experiment which the open-world Zelda games have leant into, I also miss solving those large dungeons and tailor-made items. I always like using the hookshot as a long-distance weapon. And bottles! Please let me scoop things up in a bottle again, Nintendo!

What about you? Would you like the next Zelda to continue with the open-world style that BOTW introduced, or would you like to see a return to the traditional Zelda style? Or maybe you think the same as Edwin and want something completely original for the series? Let us know, what do you want to see from the next Zelda game?

(And for those of you who also want playable Zelda, series producer Eiji Aonuma has said "it's possible". Maybe there's still hope, yet.

If you're digging into the game over the weekend and find yourself stuck, here's our guides hub for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, where you can find walkthroughs, tips and more.

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