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What about Brink and Hunted babies?

Skyrim offspring is so last week.

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Last week Bethesda challenged the sexual active population of the world to conceive now so that a baby can be born on "Skyrim Day" - 11th November 2011 (TES V: Skyrim's release date).

The Elder Scrolls maker even challenged nutty parents to call their newborns Dovahkiin - Dragonborn in the game's fancy fantasy speak.

But Bethesda has other high profile games coming out before November. So what do the makers of Brink and Hunted: The Demon's Forge think about Skyrim babies and perhaps fans of their games following suit?

"It's an interesting idea," Paul Wedgwood, head of Brink maker Splash Damage, mulled to Eurogamer. "Having just had a 10 month-old I think I'd rather not have a baby as a great game came out, but I am looking forward to Skyrim very much.

"If they did [call their baby Brink] that would be a little bit crazy," he added. "That said, my son's called Fox and it's not exactly a popular choice unless you happen to be an X-Files man, so I would be the last to criticise other people's name choices.

"If they did [call their baby Brink] I would be deeply honoured."

Matt Finley, founder of Hunted maker inXile Entertainment - and veteran of Interplay - was more ebullient.

"Hah!" he snorted to Eurogamer, "I would love to see a bunch of baby Elaras and Caddocs out there - that would be truly awesome!

"I almost wish I'd have gotten someone pregnant in time, a ha ha ha! Yeah anyone, send someone over ha ha ha ha!"

Eurogamer's hands-on impressions of Brink and Hunted were published moments ago.

Hunted: The Demon's Forge.

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