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We've forged over a million creations with Halo Infinite's Forge Beta

"The Halo community continues to blow us away with the breadth of its imagination and innovation."

343 Industries is celebrating Halo Infinite's "powerful fan-favourite toolset", Forge, passing one million creations.

The studio also announced that since the Custom Game Browser launched back in December, more than 8.5m custom matches have been played in the latest instalment of its sci-fi shooter, Halo Infinite.

Season 3: Echoes Within Launch Trailer | Halo Infinite.Watch on YouTube

"In November, the Winter Update brought a host of new maps, modes, and features to Halo Infinite," said Halo Infinite's lead designer, Michael Schorr.

"One of the most exciting additions was the Forge Beta, a powerful fan-favourite toolset that Spartans have used to unleash their creativity since its inception in Halo 3. We’re happy to announce that, as of January 2, more than 1 million creations have been forged!"

Don't forget, Halo Infinite has so far released four community-made maps, most of which are inspired or based upon iconic maps from Halo's storied archives. These include Absolution (based upon Halo 2's Sanctuary and Halo 3's Guardian), Perilous (Halo 2's lookout), Salvation (Halo: Combat Evolved's Damnation), and Starboard (Halo 2's Midship).

"The Halo community continues to blow us away with the breadth of its imagination and innovation, and we have many more plans for Forge, from a Mini Game mode to new map budget categories to help support your creativity," Schorr added.

Halo Infinite's third season, Echoes Within, is set to drop next week on 7th March.

Microsoft has cut "at least 95 people" from Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries. The list of those now left without a job includes "dozens of veterans, including top directors and contractors, upon which the studio heavily relies".

Temporary staff members were also affected, with their contracts reportedly terminated with "just a few days" of warning.

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