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Watch: We play Far Cry Primal's first story mission

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Join us for the first moments of Far Cry Primal's story campaign as we hunt the wily wooly mammoth, are jumped by a saber-toothed tiger, and meet a member of our tribe with a worrying penchant for collecting ears.

Along the way we craft weapons from rocks and sticks, keep wild animals at bay with fire, eat raw meat, and generally do everything it takes to win yourself an Oscar these days, right, Leo?

Cover image for YouTube videoFar Cry Primal Story Gameplay - Let's Play Far Cry Primal (Ep. 1)

If you prefer your first-person combat slightly more modern, Dying Light expansion The Following introduces a new SMG weapon to your array of zombie countermeasures. It turns up in the gameplay video below, in which we fix up the buggy vehicle and do a vengeance on some bandits.

In addition to shooting a new kind of gun, we discover how the need to maintain your vehicle creates a new screw-based economy in the Harran countryside of The Following. It's easier to get hold of fuel (from the tanks of most abandoned vehicles) than the elusive screws constantly required to repair your busted wheels.

These screws are sold individually by local merchants, at an outrageous mark-up. Stockpile them now and make a fortune profiteering after the zombie apocalypse, is what I'm saying.

Cover image for YouTube videoLet's Play Dying Light The Following - New SMG! (Ep. 2)

Speaking of horror games, at least when we play one of those we know what we signed up for. The rest of the time, we can be caught with our guard down by genre-defying scares, as in these games so unexpectedly terrifying we can never trust again, so thanks for that, games.

Remember the off-brand Xenomorph at the end of Ecco the Dolphin? Or the time Halo went all found footage horror the first time you met the Flood? If not, allow us to dredge up those repressed memories in the video below. You're welcome.

Cover image for YouTube video8 Games So Unexpectedly Terrifying We Can Never Trust Again

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