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Watch us play State of Decay from 5pm BST

Zombie nation.

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You wait years for a platform exclusive action game set in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse and then two come along at once. Well, you likely haven't waited years - there's hardly been a shortage of undead adventures recently - but at least The Last of Us and State of Decay are gracious enough to serve their action with a little twist.

You can read our verdict on The Last of Us elsewhere on the site, and Simon Parkin's currently looking into State of Decay for a review we'll be looking to bring you next week, but for now know this: Undead Labs' Xbox Live Arcade title is a smart, thoughtful open world game that's more than worth your time. Ian Higton's going to be working through the first 90 minutes to help give you a flavour from 5pm BST tonight.

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