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Watch us play How to Survive from 5pm BST

It's a new zombie XBLA game. Wait, come back! This one might be interesting!

Typical - you wait months for a zombie game to arrive on Xbox Live Arcade, then you realise that the place is just swarming with them. It's hard to move for the swaggering undead, and with excellent propositions like State of Decay it takes a seriously good slant on the genre to make itself heard above all the groans.

Is How to Survive that game? I'm not 100 per cent sure, so I'll be watching Ian Higton's livestream from 5pm BST with interest. It's certainly kept a low profile, and it's hard to gather much info being it being an action co-op game that's a little bit Gauntlet and a little bit DayZ. It doesn't even have a Wikipedia page - how am I supposed to work in these conditions? Oh, and it's also out on Wii U, PS3 and PC, so there's that too.

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