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Watch: The very worst moments of Resident Evil 7

Marguerite your teeth and bear it.

And so it was that another Saturday rolled around. I may do a little long-overdue DIY on my bathroom, or (as is more likely) play several rounds of Overwatch in my PJs in a bid to nab that delightful new D.Va skin. How will you spend yours? I imagine at least some of you will be getting properly stuck into Resident Evil 7 now that it has finally launched. If you've finished it, did you enjoy it? I thought, overall, it was a fantastic return to form, a game that managed to be current and classically Resident Evil at the same time. And, crucially, creepy to boot. If you have indeed finished it, by the by, you might be interested in checking out the video below, in which I take you on a blood-soaked jaunt through the Baker household and the queasiest moments that I experienced within.

Exercise caution, however; this video contains a side of spoilers with your scares.

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Apologies for the slightly snuffly quality to my voice, by the way. Earlier in the week I was struck down by a nasty bug that made me sound/look strikingly similar to one of the Moulded. The irony is not lost on me.

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