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Watch: The Rogue Trooper games you never knew existed

Blue Man Group.

Yo listen up, here's the story, about a little guy that lives in a Nu-world. And all day and all night and all the Quartz he sees is just blue, like him, inside and outside. Blue his gun with a blue little Helm, and a blue Bagman, and everything is blue for him, and himself and all the Norts around, 'cause he ain't got nobody to listen.

If you haven't already guessed from all of my tenuous pop culture references, today's episode of Games You Never Knew Existed focuses on some long forgotten Rogue Trooper games.

Many people will of course remember Rogue Trooper for the PS2/Xbox, especially as tomorrow sees the release of the remastered version, Rogue Trooper Redux, but are you old enough to have played the original games from 1986 and 1991?

In the video below I delve into the history of everyone's favourite sci-fi Smurf before rediscovering the joys (and frustrations!) of the Rogue Trooper games for the ZX Spectrum and Amiga.

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