Rogue Trooper

What does Master Chief look like under his armour? It's a question that has spawned thousands of fan-art uploads, many of them eye-wateringly pornographic, but for me the answer was always obvious. He's got blue skin, white eyes and a natty mohawk. How do I know this? Because he's a genetically engineered super soldier designed to survive in hostile alien conditions. He's Rogue Trooper.

Rogue Trooper

Rogue Trooper

2006 AD: a quite good year for games.

After the unfortunate Dredd Vs Death debacle back in 2003, the world hasn't exactly been waiting with bated breath for the next 2000 AD spin-off to roll off the Rebellion production line. But, with some harsh lessons learned, the one-time starlet of the UK development scene (back in the Alien Vs Predator era) has turned things around, with several decent games under its belt (notably the award-winning - yet generally under-rated - WW2-based Sniper Elite). Following on from the gradual return to form, the swaggering arrival of the slick action-adventure that is Rogue Trooper underlines the growing confidence within the Oxford-based developer-cum-comic-publisher.

Based on the famed graphic novel series, Rogue Trooper is a simple, unpretentious third-person shooter where you follow the adventures of Genetic Infantryman, the Rogue Trooper, as he seeks to track down the traitor general who sent his "brothers in arms" to their death. It's generally undemanding, short and sweet, slick, polished and boomtastic from start to finish. It's not going to change anyone's world, but Rebellion deserves credit for coming up with a technically admirable product that's true to the comic spirit and full of great moments.

But before we get underway with the nitty gritty, just why is the Mohicaned Rogue Trooper so pissed off anyway? Ok, so the general of the other biologically engineered clone troops has been a traitorous swine and was responsible for the betrayal and subsequent massacre of his entire regiment. But let's take an unreality check here: they're clone troops with encoded bio-chips that house their digitised personalities. Why not clone some more (surely the idea), plug in the chips and get after this rubber-lipped goon?

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