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Watch someone complete Bloodborne in 40 minutes

They're exploiting glitches, but still...

Bloodborne is an absolutely massive game and one that's sadistically punishing at that. Yet YouTuber Oginam_tv managed to roll credits in From Software's latest action-RPG in only 40 minutes and 17 seconds of in-game time (or an even 44 minutes in real-time).

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How did someone pull this off for a game that's only been out less than a week? Well, Oginam exploited quite a lot of glitches. Much Like Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 before it, at launch there is an exploit that will allow you to skip roughly half the game. But still, completing half of Bloodborne in less than three quarters of an hour - within its first week, no less - is still an incredible achievement.

Some may argue that he's cheating too much, especially with an unfortunate item-duplicating exploit that I'd strongly urge players not to do (and will no doubt be patched), but everything Oginam is doing is part of the game at launch.

"This was a pretty good run but I can certainly get faster," the speedrunner said of this current world record. Clearly he makes some stumbles along the way - especially when trying to make the unintended jump to the game's latter half - but what do you expect as this run was made a mere four days after launch? By comparison, it took me 35 hours and some change to make it to the end credits. And if 35 hours sounds short to you, know that there's tons of game that I still have yet to see, including several bosses, locations, and the procedurally-generated Chalice Dungeons. This game is huge.

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